Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Photos to get us started

Hello from 2011. A weird year (for me, at least - this is Betsy) but very happy.

That first photo -- the one in the header - is the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, on the Ellipse in downtown DC. Eric was one of the entertainers, warming up the VIPs.

See, there he is. My brother Sandy went with him to staff him and take pictures, which obviously paid off. Notice the White House over his shoulder. Yeah. We're Washington insiders. Not tourists at all.

This is a picture of Ian getting his library card. I can't recall what month this was - March? - But that jacket's way too small for him now, so it was a while ago. I told him that if he learned to write his name, he could get his own library card.

See? He dressed up for the occasion. He also wears that tshirt to weddings. When we let him.

I wanted to find a picture of me. too, which is harder since I'm the one behind the camera. But, hey, here's one. Statistically, if you were to look in on me at a random moment, you'd probably be most likely to catch me in that pose.

More to come.
We love you.

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