Saturday, December 31, 2011

I have finished the New Year's Cards.

As you know, since you undoubtedly received one, which is why you're here. It's 9pm on Jan 31. I am in the process of breaking my Saturday night..habit? Rule? Discipline? Of trying to get into the shower about now, and into bed about 10, and failing, and whining about it endlessly until everyone is very relieved when I finally fall asleep.

As I was writing New Year's cards - interestingly, they look like, and are sold in the same aisle as, the Christmas cards, but they don't say Merry Christmas but instead something non-sectarian like "Peace in all seasons". [Hmmm - so theoretically, we could send them in July if we got a mind to. That hadn't occurred to me until now. Good thing to keep in mind when shopping the card department. ]

The boys are building the Lego White House that Eric received for Christmas. Building Legos has become an important Christmas vacation tradition, one that I heartily support because it doesn't involve me. [The rest of the year, may I point out, I am deeply, deeply involved with Legos. It is certainly NOT the case that Mom doesn't play Legos.] But last year, on the 28th or so, Ian and Daddy spent an entire morning at the dining table, building a giant underwater robot scorpion of some sort, while I reclined on the couch, knitting and watching a movie...completely unmolested. It was my Christmas Robot Scorpion Miracle, and I very much want it to happen every year.

Those photos at the top are obviously from Ian's first day of kindergarten. He's attending Vansville Elementary, which we LOVE. (He loves it too, but is more reserved in his love since he's never been to school and has nothing to compare it to.

A few more 'firsts' this year:

Ian got a 2-wheeler on Easter.

Ian's first magic show, in October.

I'm not sure if this was Ian's first concert or not, but we certainly had a fabulous time listening to, and then meeting, Keith and Ezra from the wonderful Trout Fishing in America.

More to come. We love you.

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